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 These are some leading individuals and organizations that Michelle Strebchuk has trained with directly (Italics).



Carole developed ground-breaking techniques and approaches to foundation education in somatics, prenatal, labour and postpartum bodywork and massage therapy. 

She published the definitive standard pregnancy massage training textbook, Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy, Second Edition, 1998, 2012, Japanese translation 2015. 

She co-developed approved CE pregnancy massage training curriculum, Bodywork for the Childbearing Year (1985-1997) and developed Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization Workshop, and other maternity-related curricula, 1998- present

She developed CE curricula and presentations on somato-emotional integration, career longevity, and teaching MT, 1979-present

Among other honours, she received  the  Jerome Perlinski National Teacher of the Year Award, presented by the American Massage Therapy Association, 2008

Carole Osborne is an experienced practitioner, author, course developer and instructor and mentor. Michelle Strebchuk says "I am blessed to have studied with Carole twice, and I utilize skills learned in her classes every single day."

Carole Osborne (Body Therapy Education)
Pre- and Peri-Natal Massage Therapy (Vancouver, May 2001)

Carole Osborne (Body Therapy Education)
Rhythmic Deep Tissue Blends, 
Pre- and Perinatal Technique Refinement Workshop, and 
Advanced Perinatal Massage Therapy Seminar (San Diego, CA November 2016)




We are not put together ln the womb like plasticine - tissue forms as long continuous strands and Myers has discovered an effective map for working with these myofascial lines.

Thomas Myers (Kinesis/Anatomy Trains)
Anatomy Trains (Winnipeg, September 2007)
The Seat of Power - Soft Tissue Techniques for the Lower Back (Winnipeg, September 2007)

Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains)
Fascial Release for Structural Balance: Arches and Legs (Toronto, November 2016)





Michelle Strebchuk says it was "a life-changing experience to study and mentor with Sylvie!" She is an International Trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage, an organization with a presence in 72 countries. She is also the co-founder of the Massage in Schools Program, now in 30 countries worldwide. 

Sylvie Hétu (International Association of Infant Massage)
IAIM Infant Massage Instructor Training (November 2016)

Sylvie Hétu (International Association of Infant Massage)
IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor Certificate (May 2017)


David Lesondak is a talented manual therapist that Michelle had the opportunity to work with during a 2007 Anatomy Trains workshop in Winnipeg. He is also an incredible and "fascianating" videographer. He shares his insights on Fascial Connections.

Thomas Myers (Kinesis/Anatomy Trains), David Lesondak (Teacher Assistant)
Anatomy Trains (Winnipeg, September 2007)
The Seat of Power - Soft Tissue Techniques for the Lower Back (Winnipeg, September 2007)




A down-to-earth instructor, Fiona is also one of Canada's most influential authors. 

Fiona Rattray (Author, Clinical Massage Therapy)
CEE Practical Exam Prep Workshop (Edmonton, March 2013)

Fiona Rattray (Author, Clinical Massage Therapy)
Essential Assessment & Treatment Concepts Workshop (Edmonton, March 2013)

James Waslaski provided some of the "most important pieces of training" Michelle Strebchuk has ever taken. She says, "To say I experienced a paradigm shift is an understatement!"

James Waslaski (Center for Pain Management) 
Volunteer Teaching Assistant/Orthopedic Massage Training (Calgary, November 2014)

James Waslaski (Center for Pain Management)
Advanced Orthopedic Massage Training (Edmonton, November 2014)




Michelle Strebchuk has not yet had the opportunity to study directly with Dr. Bruno Chikly, but hopes to as she continues advanced training in Lymph Drainage Therapy. Simply profound.

Arlene Garcia (Chikly Health Institute)
Lymph Drainage Therapy Level 1 (Calgary, June 2016)

Arlene Garcia (Chikly Health Institute)
Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 (Calgary, March 2018)




Steve is a highly knowledgeable and influential therapist and writer.

Steve Capellini (Royal Treatment Enterprises)
Spa Treatment Certifications - Body Scrub, Polish & Exfoliation; Herbal Body Wraps, Ayurvedic Face Massage & Spa Reflexology (Banff, October 2002)