At Wits End Wellness Centre Inc.

" You erased my pain!" - T.                   "You are such a blessing to me!" - M.

"My shoulder is 100% better after just one massage with you!

I just wish I hadn't waited two years to come in!" - C.

"My chronic low back pain has not returned since my last

massage with you over twelve weeks ago. Thank you!" - A.

"You said to come back when I felt I needed to . . .  but since my last massage, I can't find any soreness or tenderness! I keep poking and proding expecting to find something - but it's been a few months and I haven't found anything yet!" - L.

" . . . I have been virtually pain free [for the last four weeks!] 

Thank you very much . . .  feeling so blessed to have you in my life :) "  - N.